Moss Homes Films

I have an unofficial studio where I make movies. Well, I guess my room and my iPad mini is my studio. But I’ve always dreamed to have an official building where I can make movies and hire actors, because where I live, the only actors available for my movies are family and friends, and occasionally some guest that stays at our house.  Moss Homes Films started in 2012, when Disney’s ‘Wreck It Ralph’ had just come out.


I really liked the movie and watched it all the time, and therefore, had the whole movie down by heart. So, with my iPad, I filmed the movie Wreck It Ralph on mute, while putting my own voice in as all the characters voices. I called this “Wreck It Ralph Voice-Overs” and so, my movie studio was born on October 2012. I have made movies since then. Well, I should call them videos because all of them are very short. (My longest movie was 15 minutes long.) But movies sound more interesting and worth seeing. I really want to be involved in the movie making business when I grow up, maybe even work with Walt Disney Studios, or Pixar, or Dream Works, or Columbia, or… yeah, you get the point. I love to make movies!! 🙂


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