Chapter Three – The Encounter

Rose walked down the school hallway. She felt oddly out of place. Not surprisingly, she nearly always felt out of place. At this particular moment, she was envisioning a scene in front of her.

She would be just staring at something and then bump into someone and her books would flop all over the place. As she would be frantically mumbling and picking her books back up again, the person who she bumped into would turn out to be some…

Rose itched her scalp. She couldn’t decide if the guy would be a really attractive teenage boy or some “nerd” with round Harry Potter glasses who would shyly hand her her book then walk away. Rose let her hand fall to her side. She would probably choose the “nerd” dude. Well, she felt rude actually calling someone a “nerd,” because it was always used with a negative connotation. But she couldn’t think of any other word which would instill the same mental picture, so she decided upon calling a nice “nerdy”-y person who isn’t really nerdy a… nice guy? No, it needed to be some sort of title. A … NLG. Yeah, a Nerd-y Looking Guy.


Yes, she would choose the scene where when she bumped into a dude, it would turn out to be an NLG and not a popular nice-looking guy. Suddenly Rose was aware of all of the people that were walking in the hallway with her. Cautiously she carried on walking. Someone bumped into her and she almost fell but caught herself just in time. Sharply turning, she glanced back at the person who had bumped into her. Could it be…? Another guy in the crowd whirled around. “Sorry” he mumbled. Then he smiled and waved. Rose smiled and waved back.

Nope, it was no hottie, nor was he an NLG. He was simply one of those kids that she would wave to whenever she saw them in the hallway. Rose recognized his face, but she never knew his name. Just one of those wave-in-the-hallway kind of connections. By the time lunch break was over, Rose had stopped thinking about the encounter.


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