Dumb Chicken

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 08.25.06.png

I can do this.

Just slip that rope underneath, and then pull tight- nope, not quite what I wanted. Suddenly the wooden pole thing starts to get loose, and I try to quickly catch it before it rolls into the sea. I’m not even completely sure what it’s for, but last time it got loose… It did not go well.

“I am Moana.”

Common, you can do this. Just try one more time.

“Of Mato-“


My head jerks up to the trapdoor.



Anxiously, I let go of the rope that I was trying to tie into a knot and cautiously open the trapdoor.


I exclaim as a coconut pops out. Wait, a coconut? Slowly I lift it. I see a flash of feathery red. I slam the coconut back down again. I can’t believe it. How did he get in here?

“Hei Hei?!”

I lift the coconut off completely. Sure enough, the flimsy rooster looks around, his big bug eyes wobbling in every direction. I can’t believe it. Suddenly, he starts screaming. Not knowing what to do, I slam the coconut back on his head. After a moment, I take it off again, but he keeps screaming. I slam it back down again.

Okay, you can do this, it’s just a dumb old rooster.

I ease the coconut half off of Hei Hei again. He clucks curiously.

“Hey, it’s alright.”

I coo.

“The ocean is a friend of mine.”

I stick my hand into the water to show him that it’s alright. The water feels so good on my palm that I am not paying attention, and suddenly I notice that HeiHei is nowhere in sight.

“Hei Hei??”

I ask, alarmed. Suddenly a pair of chicken feet stick up from the water about a few feet away from the boat. “Hei Hei!” I yell, diving in after him. Once I have him in my arms, I try to make my way back to my canoe, but the wind fills the sails, and it starts floating away. UGH! Dumb chicken, always getting me into trouble….


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