The Way I Am

I’m not different enough.

I’m betraying him.

I should enjoy it because I am supposed to be a part of it.

You chose the wrong culture, Joanna.

You’re betraying your country.

My country? They’re both my countries. Two of them are, but not all three. Well the third one is supposed to be my country, and none of the others are, yet the ones that aren’t supposed to be mine are mine.”

I don’t work the way I’m supposed to. I would actually be fine with things that I am supposed to react differently to.

I’m too different.

I don’t fit into the misfits.

Well they’re supposed to be the misfits.

But then again. I hope I’m not the only one.

I’m not reacting the way I shouldn’t not react.

I pretend like I’m different, like I’m unique, but most of the time, I’m overestimating myself.

I don’t deserve this title.

No, I won’t let this title control the way I react.

I won’t let it take over the way I am.


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