Screens and Flesh

This article resonates with one of my heart’s deepest desires and most prominent observations. Sometimes I feel like everyone wants to be like the people who say “be yourself” rather than to actually heed what they say.
We lived in a messed up world. That’s for sure.

A Wild White Rose's Mind

What is one of the most common messages in films? Be yourself. Because where would we be without that.

I find it funny that people then line up to live up to the very people who played those roles in movies. You expect to be anyone but yourself after thinking that one day, you could live up to that role, with that message in the movie. Through the glass, you’re free; that’s what they tell you. In flesh and bone, the world screams for you to live up someone you’re not; that’s what they tell you.

You should have enough sense to know films aren’t reality. Reality is reality. Or is it? We’re still meeting the same people caked in false beliefs, greeting them with fake smiles, and making fake comments. Because you have a reputation to keep, and their ego to adhere to. We do that by being anything but ourselves…

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