Story Fragment #1

Katie felt all of the bumps underneath her fingers, stroking them mercilessly. She rubbed her fingers over her sore temples as she stared at the blank white document on her computer screen.

“What do I want?”

She asked herself, digging her thumbs deeper into the sides of her head and feeling the sharp imprint of her fingernails.

“I want my daughter back, I want my daughter back.”

Katie repeated in her head, now drumming her fingers across the keyboard. Sighing, she glared at the computer screen, which stared back at her. Making up her mind, Katie typed quickly:

I want Valerie back.

Katie stared at the screen. That was all she had to say. Just four little words. Hesitatingly, Katie hovered her mouse over the “send” button. She stared hard, hoping to be able to finally have the nerve this time. The seconds ticked by. Katie refused to give up the struggle. Her palms began sweating. In disgust, Katie slammed down the top of her laptop. She had lost the struggle. She glanced around the room, blinking and running her tongue across her teeth. Silently, she pushed her chair away from the desk, stood up and walked away, grabbing her purse, jacket and keys before locking her apartment then catching a taxi to the office.


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