What To Do With A Packed Lunch

It sits there, so perfectly clothed in shining metal from the supermarket. The sun glances down upon this package of glossiness as a slight smile begins playing across it’s lips. In order to please the human kind, it sends down more rays upon the earth, causing the foil to shine all the more greater. Creases of silver reflect the world back like a mirror. When handled with, it emits the most satisfying of crinkling sounds ever known to man. When turned on it’s back-side, two wings of fold appear. Carefully, so as to not rip the fragile material, a human girl’s shaking hands unfold the foil. Beneath lies an even more wholesome sight: A patty of ground wheat! The crusts of the two heavenly pieces of bread seem to hover above it’s shiny abode, thinking about the loving mother’s hands that put them there. But housed between the duo of baked doughy goodness rests four cylinders of red, juicy gems. Inlaid intricately with seeds, the cherry tomato slices gape out at the world, cozy in their nest of thinly-cut deceased poultry. The meat, folded over ever so precisely emits a mouth-watering aroma from beneath it’s fellow tomato toppings. With a joyous giggle, the white, soft condiment known as mayonnaise peeks out from her hiding place beneath the meat. While playing her usual round of hide-and-seek, she finds her hiding spot between the poultry and bottom bread slice the best yet! The bottom wheat patty lovingly shoulders it’s family and spouse, keeping every ingredient warm. But from above, towers the human girl. She glances down upon the innocent sandwich, lying there in the sun, and slowly picks it up. It feels grainy in her palms. She lifts the heavenly family to her nose, and closes her eyes as she savours the sweet and salty aromas that come from within. Hesitating, the lowers the bunch down to her mouth. The sandwich watches the gaping cave open in front of them. They see the glistening white stalactites and stalagmites, which are the horror to every nutrient. From the largest watermelon to the smallest pickle, every carbohydrate, fat and protein has heard the story of the fearsome, demolishing, utterly terrifying teeth! (a quite popular campfire story, actually. Especially among the vitamins.) The mother loaf tries to shield her children’s eyes from the oncoming sight. One of the tomato slices begins to cry. In vain, the mother begins to sing her very last lullaby to her little ones. The mayonnaise’s giggles have turned to shrieks of terror, and the meat begins to moan. The father bread slice stoically tries to somehow protect his kin, but struggles in vain to try to keep the abyss away from them. The teeth loom closer and closer. The father squeezes his eyes shut, awaiting death. The mother cradles her crying and wailing little ones for the very last time. The stalactites inch forward, only milliseconds away from biting down ruthlessly. Suddenly, just when the end seems to be at hand, the girl pauses. She hesitates, then closes her mouth. Gently, the lays the sandwich back down into it’s world of tinfoil. The tomato opens his eyes. The mother glances up. The meat stops wailing. All is quiet. A wave of relief and joy spread throughout the couple and their children. They would all live to see the sun’s smiling face again. Live to see each other again. Live to experience all of the joys that life brings to every calorie. As the girl wraps the sandwich back up in the tinfoil again, she meditates upon the heavenly cuisine in her hands.

“Mom forgot the cheese again.”


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