The Definition of Acting

Last night I couldn’t get to bed, and a moment of inspiration struck me, and I wrote down my definition of acting:

Acting is testing humans’ boundaries. Stretching the emotional range until it can cover the questions of a curiosity or wrap around boredom and squeeze tight until it yelps, life re surging through it’s veins. Moving the body, gesturing, flinging, flailing about wildly until the audience hushes in wondrous fascination. Acting is showing what the world can be, what anyone can be, and more. Acting is the journey one takes while picking through strings of jumbled memories piled up to the ceiling; old home videos, a dusty photograph, a sword, a cracked smile, a cemetery, a park near the woods, all packed into one individual, one brain, one body, all manifested into the mind, the oxygen as it passes over the vocal cords, the manner in which a person moves, talks, thinks, and appears makes them who they are. Acting is the mastering of people. The breaking into the mind and absorbing simply everything. The act of erasing and creating, taking control of everything, the unlocking and hurling away of memories, locked in a box and hidden in a dark closet; never to be seen again. Acting is the process of defining the lines of one’s soul so that he can then grip it tighter, drag it out, and place it into another mind, another world, another time. Acting is the sepulcher where all performance began, the teasing and training of the emotions and thoughts to become untimely and artificially genuine. The lining up of time, space, and pure reasoning in order to somehow express meaning. The meaning of a single person’s subconscious decisions daily, the meaning of a thousand world’s clashing, ranting reasons for the past, and trusting hopes for the future. Acting is not the perfect smile, but the smile that appears at the perfect moment. Acting is acting in and of itself. For itself by itself and from itself, for everyone and everything, by everyone and everything and from everyone and everything. The essence of how “good” or “bad” a day can go lies on the shoulders of an actor. Acting is to find oneself, forget oneself and then become oneself and another at the same time. Acting is the essence, the simple, the pure action of defining who you are. Defining who anyone is.


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