Never let good weather get you down!


“Common, please rain!” Christy gazed out the window. She noticed the dark clouds looming in the opposite direction. The skies seemed somewhat clearer. “No!” Christy exclaimed. She stomped to the window and pressed her forehead against the cool, cold glass. “Rain! Rain! Rain! Please!” she thought miserably. Despite her efforts, the heavens seemed to not listen to the 10 year-old blonde girl, and the clouds moved steadily onward. The sun poked its shining head up over the mountainside. Christy despaired. If it didn’t start raining soon, then she would have to go to soccer practice. Christy despised soccer practice. She didn’t like sports or spending time outside. She liked gloomy weather; it made an excuse for her not to be able to spend time outdoors. But apparently, the rain was not going to come. Christy sighed and gazed out the window. Her usual smile had twisted into a grumpy frown. Her golden locks, usually pleasantly wavy, now curled in an annoying manner around her shoulders. Christy pouted when she saw the green grass once again show it’s vibrant color to the world, instead of the comfortable gray cloak it had worn a minute ago. But then, the clouds stopped moving, as if the whole sky could not make up its mind whether to clear into blue skies, or to stay cloudy and gray. Christy held her breath, as she looked expectantly up at the heavens. “Please rain.” She silently willed. The grass seemed to turn a shade darker, and Christy’s heart started pumping quickly.

No rain. It did not fall. Fog found a cozy place in between the trees on the hill, and lay down comfortably, tucking up its tail under itself. A dim haze scrawled the horizon. Christy held her breath once more. The sky could not make up its mind. She sat there pouting and fuming over the clouds. Finally convinced that she could not change the weather’s fate, Christy hopped down from the tiny window ledge and ran across the kitchen. She took one last glance at the window. The view outside turned a little lighter, then darker, then lighter and lighter. Christy frowned. She walked back over to the window. She took its cold, iron handle in her hand, and carefully twisted it to the left. The window creaked and swung open on its hinges. Stepping out onto the tiny window ledge, she felt the hazy, icy air crawl along her arms and face as she inhaled the clear fragrance of a gloomy day. It definitely was not raining. Christy scowled at the seemingly endless trail of cars passing by on the street. It was never empty, but always filled to the brim with sports cars, busses, trucks, mini vans, and motorcycles. To Christy, it seemed like all the cars were looking for something, and she wondered if the would ever find what they were searching for. Maybe the cars were chasing each other. Christy started getting excited. She had never thought of that before. She laughed. It was such a funny thing to think about. Cars playing tag. Even if the clouds did not pour out their water to the earth, and she was forced to go to soccer practice, Christy loved to laugh, and she resolved to never let good weather get her down.


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