A Poem I Wrote


By Joanna Moss

A boy and a girl in the back of a car,

Riding alone together.

One loaf of bread in the back of the car,

Shared secretly together.

A boy and a girl up in a tree,

Talking alone together.

Eating up plates of hot dogs and beans,

Eaten together with joy and laughter.

A man and a woman standing at the altar,

Facing each other, alone together.

Everywhere white and decorated,

Arm in arm, hand in hand, joy and tears mingled.

A man and a woman lying on a bed,

Alone together with their most precious possession.

Tiny hands, feet, and eyes,

A little baby boy.

A grandpa and a grandma laughing,

Alone together at an Easter celebration.

Grandkids rush about, smiling and cheering,

A loving glance shared.

A grandpa standing at a grave.


He looks with sorrow at the tombstone,

His deceased wife alone up there,

He walks home in despair.

A grandpa lying in a bed,

Alone, taking his last breath.

Taken up on his winged soul,

A grandma greets him with a smile.

At last alone together again.




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