Ninja Kaylie


Kaylie kicked the soccer ball with all her might. She held her breath as it shot through the air like a missile. Gracefully spinning like Earth in space, the mottled ball of black and white soared through the the open blue sky. Nearby clouds grazed on the gras of the sky and looked calmly at the scene below. Time seemed to stop. Kylie watched the soccer ball with eager and impatient eyes as it spun closer and closer to the goal. five feet, three feet, inches away from victory. The goalie leapt patriotically towards the swift moving sphere. Time sped up. The soccer ball hit the rope net with a defiant thud. The girl’s soccer team cheered as the throng went to congratulate the star player Kaylie. Girls uplifted Kaylie with loving arms and paraded her across the moist soccer field. Player number 3 had shot the winning goal. Kaylie seemed to burst with happiness as she humbly accepted her trophy. She turned to the audience and boldly stepped up to the podium. Her eyes glistened with tears of joy, and the audience roared with approval. Everyone loved Kaylie; she was the star player. She could hear the crowd cheering. “Kaylie! Kaylie! Kaylie!”


“Kaylie!” Suddenly Kaylie woke up from her sleep. She saw her closet in the corner, the desk sitting quietly against the wall. She was in her room. Kaylie groaned and rolled over in bed. The sweet glory, the victory… it had all been a dream. “Kaylie!” She heard it again. Her mother’s voice calling from downstairs. Kaylie did not even want to answer her mother’s waking call. She sighed and kicked the comfortable blankets off her warm body. The morning air immediately hit her legs, and she shivered. Kaylie slowly slid off her tall bed and crept across the cold wooden floor like a silent fox. “Kaylie!” There it was again, the sinister villain’s call to breakfast. Kaylie moved more stealthily now, determined not to get captured by the evil scientist, Mom. She pulled her hoody on and tightened the strings so she could only see through a small slit. The silent ninja cracked open the opposing door, the first obstacle in her path. Next, the stair banner. The dauntless ninja glanced at the cruel railing of the stairs. They reminded her of prison bars. The ninja shook off the uneasy feeling. Yes, scientist mom was near. She jumped up onto the sleek, wooden railing and skillfully slid down it’s broad bar. When the ninja reached the bottom, she landed onto the carpeted floor with a soft thud. She braced herself against the doorway and pulled her hood even tighter. “Kaylie!” An impatient voice echoed from the kitchen. The ninja awaited the perfect moment to pounce. She coiled, ready to strike. She laughed within herself at the helpless villain preparing sandwiches for school lunch, most likely poisoning them so the unsuspecting hero would soon meet her demise. The ninja smiled. Now was the time. Leg muscles tightened. Heart beats fluttered. She gave one, desperate leap for the bagged sandwiches on the kitchen counter-er-the scientist’s testing table. Right as she grabbed the tools of doom, the evil scientist turned around and discovered the ninja! She had gone right under her nose! The ninja tucked and rolled onto the tiled floor and sprang up instantly, ready for action. The bagged sandwiches hung helplessly, clasped tightly in her uplifted arms, the trophy to bring back to her fellow ninjas. Oh, how they would be jealous to hear Ninja Kaylie’s defeat of the evil scientist! The glory she would have! The ninja savored the moment. “Kaylie!” A voice snapped her back into reality. “You scared me! And why are you wearing your sweatshirt like that?” Kaylie let her hands droop. “I was pretending to be a ninja.” she answered excitedly. “Well, hurry up and get to school little ninja, or you’ll be late.” The mother answered with a smile. The evil scientist Mom, evil no more, leaned in gently and kissed Kaylie on the cheek. Kaylie smiled. She enjoyed being a ninja, but she liked being herself, Kaylie Osbourne, even better.


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