Fast From Sugar

Lent starts today, and for those of you who don’t know what Lent is, Lent is a Christian observance of fasting that starts on Ash Wednesday (today) to Easter Sunday. This year, since our family wants to participate in Lent, but does not want to entirely fast for 40 days, we have decided to only fast from sugar for Lent. We got this idea from the Dillard’s who are fasting from sugar and gluten. But, since my mom does not want to cook gluten-free meals for everyone, we are only fasting from sugar. I, however am not only fasting from sugar, but from bread too, for an extra challenge. I have decided to break my fast on Sundays, so it will be easier. This will be interesting to see how my diet changes, and how much I will learn to appreciate sugar from this experience.


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