Homemade Tea Bags

Today, I was really bored because I had finished all my school early. I decided to surf the web for ideas. As I was searching the internet, an idea popped into my head to make homemade tea bags. It might sound kind of random, but I love to drink tea. So, first I dissected some store-bought tea bags and looked at all the spices inside and the bag material. I decided that the closest thing I had to the silky-muslin material of the tea bag was coffee filters.



So, I took a coffee filter and cut it so it was a rectangle with a hinge.


Then I sewed the two long edges of the rectangle I cut out, so it was like a finger puppet.


After that, I put 1 tsp. of black tea in and a half teaspoon of a spice in. (In this case, I used cinnamon.)


When the bag was filled, I sewed the remaining edge of the rectangle.


Then, I took the top half of the bag, folded it down and stapled it there with a 10cm (about 4 inches) string .


Voila! I had my tea bag! It looked homemade alright. Then I made a couple more.


It’s really fun to make tea bags, and I can’t wait to try them out. You could make tea bags with all kinds of spices like ginger, cloves, sage, saffron, maybe even dried berries. I got this idea from this site:


If you LOVE tea like me, then you can comment down below. But even if you don’t, comment anyway 🙂


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