Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Today, February 14th is Valentine’s day. We don’t do much to celebrate it, but every Valentine’s Day, in the morning, our parents cut up different colored hearts the previous night and write adjectives on them. Every child in our family has a different color, and the adjectives on that color describe that child. Then in the morning, when we wake up and come downstairs, we find a bunch of different colored hearts on the walls, and by looking at the adjectives written on them, we try to guess who has which color. For example, This year, I was the color blue, and I had adjectives that I think described me pretty well, but one adjective, “authentic”, I think was a little funny, because I am into acting right now, and acting is everything but “authentic”. I hope your Valentine’s Day passed well, and remember that God loves you very much!! 🙂



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