Fall Festival

Last Friday, Everyone who went to Oasis and their families went to a Fall Festival. It was a halloween celebration. It was soooooo amazing!!!!! Dressing up was an option, though mostly little kids dressed up. I dressed up as………….


All of us kids dressed up. I am the one wearing the pink shirt.

Can you guess? Let me give you a hint:



I dressed up as Dora the explorer!!!!!!!!! In the picture, the monkey I am carrying with red socks (I couldn’t find any boots) is Dora’s sidekick:

Boots the monkey!


The Fall Festival was very fun. Joanna went their dressed up as an egyptian. There were stations you could go to, and if you won, you got candy. AMERICAN candy!!!! One of the stations was the wii game Just Dance. I played with Josh, and I won. There was even a haunted house station, where it was so dark, you could barely see anything. Creepy and haunting music played as you walked through a dark maze. There was fake blood smeared all over the wall, and mannequin body parts were covered with red liquid. Then when you got to the center of the house, people came out and screamed at you. It wasn’t that scary though… I got so much candy, and so many fun memories.  I can’t wait for next years’ Fall Festival!


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