Two Birthdays

Today is my Grandpa’s and Sam’s birthday!!!!!!! Yay!!!! ūüôā


Sam’s and Grandpa’s birthday sign

Sam turned 8 years old. We had a great day. We celebrated his birthday mostly on Saturday. Sam and all the little kids went to a play park at a mall, and I made cookies for Grandpa’s birthday present. Sam got presents. They were mostly legos.


Sam opening one of his presents. It was a giant lego CHIMA lion tank

We ate¬†french toast this morning for a breakfast meal, and we had pizza for lunch on Saturday. Sam and everyone went to soccer, and this time our grandparents got to watch too! We had a ginormous chocolate chip cookie for Sam’s¬†and Grandpa’s birthday cake (I made it myself) which we ate at house church with the Christensen’s and the Prochaska’s.


ginormous chocolate chip cookie/cake


ginormous chocolate chip cookie/cake after we decorated it with chocolate frosting

It was REALLY GOOD!!!!!! YUM! It was a fantastic birthday.


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