Trip to Cappadocia!

I have just gotten back from a long and beautiful journey to my old town. It was so refreshing and fun to see old sights, visit old places, and play with old friends. We had some trouble getting to Cappadocia though…….

Here is the story:

We set out on Saturday morning in our van to drive 3 and a half hours to Urgup. We figured that we would get there at noon, go hiking the rest of the day,and stay the night at several different places. Isaac and I would stay at the McQueen’s house, ( If you haven’t read my post I wrote on the Mcqueen’s or the one I wrote about our cats, I recommend you read those, because it will make this post a lot easier to understand.) Elijah and Sam would stay at the Dederick’s house, and the rest of the family would stay at the office (A building that we spent a lot of time in in the good old days). On Sunday morning, we planned to go to church, and then to eat out at a horse ranch with the Dederick’s. Everyone would sleep in the places that they had slept in the night before, and on Monday morning, we would set out in our van to go back to Ankara, arriving back at early noon. Then I would have my online writing class, and Mom, Elijah, and I would then do our school for the day (Samuel, Isaac, Charis, and Josh don’t have school because it was a national holiday, and they do not start school again until Wednesday).

So, we set out as planned in the morning to Urgup. About one and a half hours after we had started to drive, the car started to shake and rattle. My dad pulled into a gas station, and we called some guys to come and look at our car. They were in suits because we had called them in the middle of their holiday vacation. They looked at the car and said that it would have to be towed to our car repair shop. (Have I mentioned that our car has had a lot of problems lately and has had to be towed once before?) We waited for what seemed like hours, until the tow truck finally came. Thankfully, our car insurance let us have one free tow per year, and we hadn’t used ours yet, so instead of paying 600 lira, they towed our car (for the third time!) for free. Then we got a text message saying that Uncle Chris, (the McQueen’s dad) was coming with his car to pick us up and bring us back to Cappadocia with him. We waited again, for about an hour and a half for Uncle Chris to come and pick us up. While we were waiting, I took some cool pictures with Charis’s toys that she had brought. They turned out pretty cool, and my mom loved them, and thought they looked really realistic. Here are the pictures I took:



Can you see the camouflaged animal?





After a while, Uncle Chris came with Olivia in their van and we got in and went to Avanos, where the McQueen’s live. By the time we got there, which was a lot later than what we expected, It was too late to hike, so all of us stayed t the McQueen’s while they threw a birthday party for Mary, (whose birthday was on Friday) Isaac, (whose birthday is this week) and me (my birthday was on the 24th of September).


A picture of Mary and Olivia, while they were taking pictures on my iPad.

We played lots of cool games including one where you pinned clothespins onto your shirt, and then you ran around trying to grab everyone else’s clothespins. While I was running around, trying to catch Anna’s clothespin off of her shirt, Elijah came around and ran into my while I was running, I lost my balance, and fell flat on my face. I was ok. We finished the game, and I noticed little red spots appearing on my jeans. I lifted my jeans up and knew why little red spots where appearing. My knee was scratched up and dirty, and was bleeding. I showed Aunt Kai, and she brought out some water and wiped it off. It wasn’t a serious injury, but it still hurt a little.


my knee after I fell

We still had a great time, and we got to open presents and eat cake, and then we watched a movie called “Treasure Buddies”, and I told stories that I made up, like I do every time I’m there. Elijah and Sam went to the Dederick’s house to sleep, Josh, Charis, mom and dad went to the office, and Isaac and I slept at the McQueen’s. In the morning, Aunt Kai made an awesome banana and apple oat crumble cake that tasted delicious. Olivia and Anna wanted to make a movie with my iPad, so we all went outside and started filming a movie about slaves trying to escape to Canada. We didn’t have enough time to finish it though…Then we went to church and I babysat all the kids there, and then we went to a horse ranch and ate Turkish Breakfast for lunch with the Dedrick’s, and we walked to a river and looked at the horses at the ranch. Then we drove with the McQueen’s car to our old neighborhood. There, Ceren and her mom were so happy to see us. We also got to see our cats. CC is doing fine, she just has a hard time walking.







We looked in our old, empty house, and played Twister, and walked to the market. It was very good to see Ceren again. Ceren’s friend, Beyza, was there, and her mom was cutting up a lamb that was sacrificed for the holiday.


Beyza’s mom cutting up a lamb.


All of us minus Ceren’s mom.

But time flew by like a rocket. Before I knew it, I was back in the McQueen’s car driving to the McQueen’s house. Since  we did not have our car to drive home with (and we couldn’t take the McQueen’s car), we bought tickets for a bus that was going to leave 7:00 am on Monday. I told Mary, Olivia, and Anna another story, and I slept in Sam McQueen’s bed. In the morning, we said goodbye to the McQueen’s and we boarded the bus that was to take us all the way to Ankara. In the morning, there was a whole bunch of hot air balloons in the air, almost as if they were saying goodbye to us…


All the brown dots are hot air balloons.

Overall, it was a very great trip back to Cappadocia, and I have already started missing it.



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