Delicious Cookies

Here is one amazing cookie!!!!!!!! It is such a simple, yet genius idea, I do not know why I did not come up with this myself. Here it is………………. Oreo’s covered with chocolate chip cookie!!!!!!

Isn’t it an amazing idea?

Here’s what’s even better! I made a batch of them!!!!!!

Here’s the catch:

I can’t easily find any Oreo’s in Turkey.

Soooooooo, my dad went to the market and bought some Borneo’s.


Weird right? It’s Turkish Oreo’s.

So, back to chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreo’s. Or should I say Borneo’s?

As I was surfing the web for some new cookie recipes, I came across this recipe at:

I was like, No Way!!!! Awesome!!!! And of course, I had to make them, and the cookies looked really good.


Borneo’s covered with chocolate chip cookie

They tasted even better! Especially with milk. I definitely recommend this recipe. It is amazing!


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