I just finished baking scones. They are cooling now on our counter. They look and smell good, but I don’t know if they taste good.


Scones cooling on our counter top.

The recipe is entitled “Buttermilk Scones”.  Yesterday night, I was watching “Master Chief Australia”, where there are a bunch of chefs, and they all had to bake stuff under a time limit, and the worst 5 bakers were eliminated. One of the things they baked was “Buttermilk Scones”, so I searched the web for the recipe and I fond it at:

The recipe seemed really easy, so I made them. We’ll see how they turned out.

Earlier today, Elijah made some cookies. Yesterday Fidan Teyze, a beloved friend of ours who used to babysit me when I was little came over, and Her, Elijah, and I made some cookies. But Fidan Teyze made up the recipe herself! We wrote it down, and Elijah liked the resulting cookies so much, that he made another batch this morning.


One of the cookies that Elijah made

I really like baking. If you like baking too, comment down below what your favorite dessert to bake is. Thank you! 🙂




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