First Day Of School!

Today was the official first day of school for 5 of our family members. Charis and Isaac started kindergarten, Samuel started 2nd grade, Elijah started 4th grade, and I started 7th grade. Josh started school 4 weeks ago.


Elijah and I in our new school room. ELijah is holding up 4 fingers because he’s going into 4th grade, and I’m holding up 7 fingers because I am going into 7th grade.


Charis and Isaac with their school supplies.


Sam in his new classroom.

The first day of school, we did history and learned about China, I started on my poetry memorization again, did some math review, attended my 2nd online writing class, learned some new Greek and Latin root words, did a spelling test, and some mind benders. It is pretty awesome to be back in school. Sam and Isaac and Charis started a new school, so I don’t know exactly how they feel about it, but this year is Elijah’s first year of homeschool, and he is pretty excited, even though he doesn’t feel that good today. Hopefully he’ll get better by tomorrow.  While my mom was reading a book entitled “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” about a poor Chinese girl, who tries to bring good fortune to her poor family, I felt sad. I felt like something was missing, and wrong. I suddenly realized that there WAS something missing. My homeschool co-op with the Dillard’s! I felt really sad right away, when I remembered learning history with Keaton in the Dillard’s  cozy salon, drinking hot tea. I felt a little sad the rest of the day missing the Dillard’s. But, I remind myself, They only have about a month left until they return! I really miss the Dillard’s and am waiting impatiently until their return.


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