Soccer Practice

I have just come home from soccer practice. My mom and dad signed me up for soccer at the military base. I got a uniform, and Joanna and Esther Campbell were there too. Elijah, Samuel and Isaac are also doing soccer with me too.


Here is all of us before practice, and before I got my uniform. The shirt that I am wearing is from the VBS.


Here is me after I got my uniform, and after practice. I am in our kitchen.

We got separated into teams by age. Joanna, Esther, and I were on the same team. The coaches there were really nice. I felt really included, even though it was my first time there and I had never really played soccer before in general. We practiced corner kicks, and played two practice matches with other teams. It was really fun, and I got a lot of complements from coaches of how well I was doing. I cannot wait for next Saturday. Soccer practice is every Saturday, but in two weeks, we will really start playing soccer.

P.S. There is also girl scouts at the base. I am considering signing up for it.


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