Youth Group

I have started to go to a youth group.  The Youth Group is called WATT=Z. It stands for “Worship And Truth Together = Zoe (life)”. Every Thursday, and some times Saturdays, a whole bunch of kids, about 40, I’d say, from 7th grade to 10th, gather at the IPCA (International Protestant Church of Ankara) building along with a couple adults. Joanna and Megan and Josh go there too, so that’s nice. There we eat some snacks, then sing some worship songs, and then we hear a sermon. This weeks sermon was about who God is. (This Thursday was only my second time going, so I don’t know completely what’s going to happen each time) Then, we split up into four groups called “small groups”, and we went and discussed some questions about the sermon. Then we prayed, and everyone started to go home. It lasted from 4:30 to 6:30 (pm). On Saturdays it lasts at 6:30 to 8:30 (pm) I believe. On Saturday, we had pizza and American candy for dinner at Youth Group! Youth Group is awesome!!!!!! I also started a small bible study that is on Tuesday at 3:15 (pm). That is super cool too.


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