What Makes Me Happy

My dad requested that I do a post on what makes me happy. So, here is a list of random things that makes me happy:

-yellow music stands

-the smell of lemons

-blue satin curtains with white trim



-new crayons

-exciting music


-watching “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

-animals doing funny things

-bright and colorful colors

-when people compliment me

-Josh playing with, and hanging out with me

-wrecking my “Wreck This Journal”

-new and shiny things



-watching funny movies

-seeing other people open presents I give

-christmas lights

-mom when she’s happy

-a picture of christmas spirit; everyone sitting around the tree, listening to christmas songs, eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate while the lights are dimmed, and it’s snowing and peaceful

-a story where at one point, everyone’s happy.

-Nate Jones when he’s laughing

-Keaton Dillard

-Vikings and medieval times


-when I can see the night sky very clearly

-being outside when the sunrise is happening in the cold air while the birds are chirping and it’s peaceful and quiet

-making crafts, prefferably journals

Hope this list made you happy. Enjoy! 🙂




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