1st Writing Class

I just finished my 1st online writing class at The Potter’s School!!!!


The class started at 4:45, and ended at 6:15 (Turkey time) There is one class each Monday. At 4:30, my mom started to get me signed up, which she should have done earlier, because while she tried to get me signed up, it led to a whole series of events on the computer that we had to complete or fill in in order for me to get on class. The minutes ticked by. My mom started getting frustrated. My class had already started, but I wasn’t attending! I couldn’t believe it! I was late for my first class of the year! (We haven’t started homeschool yet, sadly 😦 ). Finally, we got things sorted out, and I started my class 30 minutes late, but thankfully, I didn’t miss much. There is about 5-10 other kids attending the same online class. The teacher is Ms. Day, and even though I can’t see the teacher or the students, I can hear the teacher, and there is a chat box where kids can put in what they want to say during the class like questions, answers to questions, comments… etc. It was overall pretty awesome and fun. My first assignment is to read the first nine chapters of “Redwall”, and do a worksheet on it. It looks like I am going to enjoy writing class this year! 🙂


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