The Cracked Pot Part Two

As I have said earlier, I signed up for the Arts Column in the newspaper TCP (The Cracked Pot) on the internet school I am taking this year called TPS (The Potter’s School).




Yesterday, I was enjoying a pleasant afternoon on my iPad, when I heard a “ding!” indicating that I just got some mail. So I went and checked it out. And to my surprise it was from TPS about TCP. I read it:

Hello, Joanna!
     Thank you so much for your application to work for The Cracked Pot this year. We deeply value and appreciate your willingness to serve The Potters School community in this way. 
     You applied for Art Columnist, however, that position has already been filled. However, Rachel and I would like to offer you a position as Class Reports columnist. (The description for this column is on the application, by the way, if you want more information about it.) We understand this may not interest you; in which case, just let us know. However, if you are interested in writing for it, we would be thrilled to have you. 
     Either way, let us know if you have any questions/comments/concerns and your decision, and thank you again for your interest in TCP. 🙂 
~ Elaina and Rachel 
I was surprised and stunned. I read it again. I did not want to apply for the Class Reports Columnist, so I guess this year, I will not write in TCP, but that is okay. At least I can still make my own newspapers at home.

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