Royal Servants

Royal Servants is an organization where kids that are 13 years old or older can go on mission trips all around the world to share Jesus Christ with others. I want to go to Royal Servants. It’s mission trips happen in the Summer, and they last for 4 weeks, unless you are going to do Euro Quest, which is 8 weeks long. Royal Servant’s mission trips already happened this year in August and June. I wouldn’t have been able to go then because 1. I am not thirteen yet. And 2. I did not know about it then. How I came to know about Royal Servants, is my friend Joanna Schaus. She has already signed up to go next year because she is not thirteen yet either, and has received her starters packet, sent from Royal Servants. She told me about this amazing organization, and how her older brother, Matthias Schaus had gone on a mission trip to China the previous year. I listened earnestly as she told me that she wanted to go to Ireland next year with Royal servants. I asked my parents, and I signed up to go to Ireland next year with Joanna. I am waiting for the starters packet, and am waiting (not so patiently) until next year to fly to America, train for two weeks, then fly to Ireland to share the gospel with the people of Ireland, (you can even surf in Ireland while you’re there!) then retreat to London to have some cool-down time, and to go sightseeing, then fly back to America, and from there, fly back to Turkey. I am very excited, and cannot wait! 🙂

If you are interested in Royal Servants, or want to learn more, here is their website:

Royal Servants Mission Trips


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