School Overview

The VBS finished, and I had an amazing time helping out with the games, and learning more about Jesus’ one of a kind love. Meanwhile, it is school starting season, and Joshua (my older brother) started 10th grade last Monday. He now goes to public school. He attends Oasis, an international school in Ankara. He is enjoying it very well. We got Samuel, Isaac, and Charis enrolled in two different schools, Isaac and Charis who are both going to kindergarten are going to one, and Sam who is going into 2nd grade will be going to a different school. They are both near our house, but are up a flight of many, many stairs. It will be difficult taking them to school each day, but at least the school isn’t any farther than it is. Elijah is going to start 4th grade attending homeschool this year, and join me. I am going into 7th grade in my third year in homeschooling. In our new apartment we are decorating a new schoolroom! Yay! It is painted dark green, and looks AWESOME! I cannot wait for school to start! 🙂


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