The Job

For those who read mosshomes, I am sorry that I haven’t been posting any posts recently, but that’s because we moved into our new house, and it had NO INTERNET!!!!!! Well of course this isn’t surprising, but we didn’t get internet for almost a WHOLE WEEK! I saw how much you could take internet for granted when you’re stuck without it for 6 days, but yeah, that is why I wasn’t able to put any posts up last week, but hey, we moved into a new apartment in Ankara, and we haven’t even been here for a week, but it is awesome! Well, I miss my friends in Cappadocia, but slowly I am making new friends here. I even had a sleepover at someone’s house already, and their daughters name is Joanna too! I went to a new church on Sunday, but the reason this post is called ‘The Job’, is because I got a job!!!! Well it isn’t exactly a job, but I get paid for doing it. It is the most fun job that a kid could ever have. Elijah and I, and the earlier said Joanna and her little brother Jake, went to a recording studio for three hours recording our voices for ANIMATION CHARACTERS!!!!!!! I am going to be ANIMATED!!!!!! This company wants to make a short, animated, english movie for Turkish kids who are trying to learn english. The main character is Kevin, voiced by Jake, and I am his older sister, Emma. Joanna (The other Joanna, Joanna Schaus) voiced Kevin’s best friend, Sue. Elijah voices Kevin’s other friend, Joe, and I also voice another character too. Kevin makes a new friend in the film. She is Chinese, and her name is Ling. I voice Ling too. I can’t believe that I am going to voice a character in an actual animated film. I’m starting my career early! 🙂 (Oh, if you didn’t know, I really want to be involved in the movie making business when I grow up.) And the company will call us back this week probably, because all the recording isn’t done yet. I am so excited!


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