Moss Homes Sale

We are moving to Ankara, Turkey on the 22nd of July, and so to get rid of a bunch of not needed stuff, we did a garage sale! I think this was the first garage sale ever in Ürgüp. It was really fun, and we sold everything for really cheap. 50 kuruş (25 cents) for nearly everything. It was a GIANT success, and we got rid of a lot of things that other people could use. We made almost 100 dollars for selling stuff. It was a very fun experience, and we got to see how much stuff go that we can live without.



This is a view of our apartment in Ankara.


This is a picture of our garage sale. It’s not very big.


Here is a nice set of balcony chairs that we sold to a family. My brother Sam is resting on them.


here is a picture of some people browsing through some books and magazines to buy.



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