Vacation Overview

So, we got back from Mersin, Turkey, and I had an amazing time. I swam in the sea, ate ice-cream, got sunburned… All that good stuff. Except getting sunburned. That is NOT good stuff. I also got a tattoo. It is not a permanent tattoo, it will most likely rub off in the next month or so. Here is a picture of it:


^ It is a snowflake, and it is located on my right wrist. As you can probably guess, it was inspired by a movie I really like…


Here is a picture of Kızkalesi, which is about a quarter of a mile away from the shore. I swam to it, and so did all of our friends who went there with us. It was really fun.



Here is a picture of all the kids who went there with us:



^ The Towfighi’s, which consists of Uncle Joe, Aunt Yvonne, Jenna, Andrew, Joshua, Nathan, and Joel. The Dederick’s, who are Uncle Salty, Aunt Marcie, CJ, Benjamin, and Caleb. The Mosses, (my family) my dad, Aaron, my mom Lynn, Joshua, me, Elijah, Samuel, Isaac, and Charis. And two other families (whose last names I don’t know how to spell) with Micah, Xavier, and Abigail. There was also a doctor who came with us, Uncle Dwight. As you can see that’s a lot of people. But you know, the more the merrier right? We all stayed at an AWESOME hotel called Peyda Hotel, and we have stayed at that hotel every time we’ve been to Kızkalesi. (which we started going there every year since I was 2.) It was a very fun vacation, and I look forward to the next time we go there.



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