The Keremes

A couple days ago, there was a Keremes at the Turkish school that I used to go to. What is a Keremes? A Keremes is almost like a big open house. There was foods and cakes and cookies and treats of all kind that the moms made being sold, and all the classes had little shows that they performed. My little brother, Sam, as you know from my cat post, had a little show that he performed. Here are some pictures of him dancing:


^He was sooooo cute with his red costume on, and he danced with a girl, but I can’t remember her name.



^ Here is a picture of Sam’s whole class dancing together.

Two of my old schoolmates also sang an American song, which they did very well. And that’s surprising, because they had to memorize the english lyrics, and they don’t even speak english! But, they did pretty well. The song that they sang is called ‘Crazy Kids’ by Ke$ha. It’s not a song I would recommend, but they sang it anyway. Here is a picture of them singing:



^The girl on the left with the pink shirt on is Cansu. The other girl with the blue shirt on is Beyza. They are good friends of mine.

The Keremes was really fun, and It was thrilling to see old friends again.



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