Our Cats



Both of our cats are very sweet. The cat who has black on it, (the one on the right) is named CC. CC stands for Cute Cat. That name was my mom’s idea. The other cat in the picture, (the one on the left) is named Sheba. That name was my big brother’s idea.


Out of the two, Sheba is definitely my favorite cat. She is a girl, and turns 1 year old on August 21st. Sheba was actually born in our house. Well, both of them were. Its sort of a long story. Sheba wakes me up every day by climbing up to my bed (its really high) and starts licking me and purring. She is so cute and cuddly and furry, sometimes I just want to SQUEEZE her. And sometimes I do. Once when I squeezed her, Sheba farted and it was really funny. I love her very much.


Sheba ^


CC is a girl and is very different from her sister (Sheba). She is not squishy like Sheba is, and she would rather stay inside the house than go outside. Her favorite rest place is on top of the highest cabinet in our house. She gets up there by climbing up the door to our kitchen, then jumping to the top of the cabinet. Like how Sheba wakes me up in the morning, CC prefers to wake my little brother, Sam, up, by jumping into his bed in the morning.



^ CC being held by my little brother Sam 

Both of our cats were part of a bigger family at one time, but all of the other members eventually died out, including the cats’ mother, and two brothers. CC and Sheba have a living brother, but we kicked him out of the house, and now he is a beggar on the streets. His name is BomBom. (its a weird name, I know, but our neighbors named him, and they are Turkish.) But I love all of our cats, and I am dedicating this post to them. Hooray for cats!


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