The McQueen’s



These three girls Mary, Anna, and Olivia McQueen (left to right) are very good friends of mine. We love playing together outside and inside, and they are very fun girls.


Mary is the youngest of the three. She is very pretty, and loves doing gymnastics. She loves, and is loved by God very much. She is a little princess.


Anna is the smartest and bravest 7-year-old I know. If anyone saw her, they would immediately want to be her friend. She loves to pretend like she is a scientist or a musketeer. When she grows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a famous scientist. She loves and wants to follow the Lord with all her heart. She is adorable.


Her real name is actually Olive, but we call her Olivia. Olivia is flexible, cheerful, and loves her family and God very much. She is beautiful and smart, and has a good singing voice.

Plus, these girls’ parents ROCK! These sisters also have an adorable and sweet little brother named Sam.



Sam McQueen ^

I love the McQueen’s very much, and they have the awesomest kids that I play with often. If you ever meet them, you will fall in love with them too. 🙂



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