New iPad Mini!



I bought myself an iPad mini, last year, and that summer, our family went on a big trip all around Europe, and when we were in Italy, our car got broken into, and my iPad was stolen. So, I learned to live life without it. And it was actually going pretty good until September 24th when my birthday came. One of my presents was an iPad mini. And I missed making movies, so I was glad when I got it. And I had that iPad for a while until May. (2014) I was watching some videos I had made with my friends outside, and my iPad accidentally slipped from my hands, and it fell on the concrete floor. -Crack!- I lifted it off from the floor only to find it’s screen splintered and cracked. My dad mailed it to Kayseri the next day. (Did I mention I live in Turkey?) Then it got mailed to Istanbul, and when the cost came of how much it would cost to fix it, my dad told me that it would actually be cheaper just to buy a new one. We found an iPad mini for sale online, and I received it from America a couple days ago. My dad and I split the cost, and I paid half of it, and now I have a new IPAD MINI!!!!!! Yay!!!! 🙂 My third one! And now I can make movies again. My movie making studio is named Moss Homes Films by the way.




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